Encarnita Polo

Anyone familiar with the site knows that Cha Cha Charming is full of gems. One of them, definitely, is the marvelous article on Spanish pop that alerted me to the existence of Encarnita Polo. She's wonderful. Recorded in the '60s and '70s, and apparently kicked off the flamenco-pop movement with her modernized cover of "Pepe Bandera" (streamable through RealPlayer here). What I have for you here, though, is "Paco Paco Paco," a single recorded in 1970. It's glittering with handclaps and melodic glee, has a giddy sing-song chorus and an awesome flamenco-inspired bridge. What, honestly, is not to love here?

Encarnita Polo

Todas Sus Grabaciones (1963-1975)
Paco Paco Paco

I apologize for (a) the 96 kbps bitrate, and (b) the fact that I needed to upload this through yousendit.com.


Mountain Goats, Fastbacks, Agitation Free, Crime Time, Pooh Sticks

You've probably noticed that updates here have been sparse, save the consistently respectable efforts of cadet and billy ray. I've been away at school where FTP access & music downloading is forbidden and so I've been kind of in the dark in terms of both new music and updation of this place. I'll be back in 3 weeks and I can't promise regularity but there'll definitely be a lot more updates than you're seeing now.

I was going to post a bunch of hiphop but I'm pretty useless in that department; the dudes over at Cocaine Blunts, Can I Bring My Gat?, WestCoast2K, We Eat So Many Shrimp, etc. can give you what you're hungry for much better than my 17-yr-old suburban ass. & I'm perfectly okay with that.

Here's six tracks that, straight & simple, deserve to be heard.

The Mountain Goats

Nothing For Juice (1996)
Alabama Nova & Going To Scotland
this entire album's gold; find it, buy it

The Fastbacks

New Mansions In Sound (1996)
Fortune's Misery
this album's fun enough for me to overlook the fact that most of the tracks are exactly the same. yeah, one of those

Agitation Free

Malesch (1972)
just a great closer for a wonderful & classic album

Crime Time
Serenghetto EP (2003)
We Need To Talk
please let me know if you know anything about these guys

The Pooh Sticks

Million Seller (1993)
That Was The Greatest Song
it is imperative


Original Prague Syncopated Orchestra, Original Victoria Band

Both the Original Prague Syncopated Orchestra and the Orginial Victoria Band are revival bands from Europe; the Czech Republic and Holland, respectively. I didn't have a great deal of luck finding much information on the OPSO, but from the sound of a 2000 article I gather that they were still playing shows in the Czech Republic at that time. My friend Cornelius happens to have been the piano player (and occasional tap dancer) in the OVB and I know from him they disbanded in 1999 after nearly 30 years. The infatuation these foreigners have for americana is really infectious and the recording quality makes it easier to believe you are hearing live music in a 1926 dance hall.

Original Prague Syncopated Orchestra

Collected Recordings (198?)

Original Victoria Band

Collected Recordings (1989)
Happy Feet