Original Prague Syncopated Orchestra, Original Victoria Band

Both the Original Prague Syncopated Orchestra and the Orginial Victoria Band are revival bands from Europe; the Czech Republic and Holland, respectively. I didn't have a great deal of luck finding much information on the OPSO, but from the sound of a 2000 article I gather that they were still playing shows in the Czech Republic at that time. My friend Cornelius happens to have been the piano player (and occasional tap dancer) in the OVB and I know from him they disbanded in 1999 after nearly 30 years. The infatuation these foreigners have for americana is really infectious and the recording quality makes it easier to believe you are hearing live music in a 1926 dance hall.

Original Prague Syncopated Orchestra

Collected Recordings (198?)

Original Victoria Band

Collected Recordings (1989)
Happy Feet


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great tracks, especially Terror! we gotta talk some time - summer's coming up for me and I'll actually be able to update this place again.

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