Cory Daye, Sister Sledge, Rainbow Brown, Prince


Cory Daye

Cory & Me (1979)
Green Light
Cory = the vocalist from Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band.

Sister Sledge

The Best of Sister Sledge 1973-1985 (1992)
Mama Never Told Me
The best song ever -- I mean that. Released in 1973 and penned by Thom Bell and Phil Hurtt.

Rainbow Brown

Rainbow Brown (1981)
Til You Surrender
Songs written/arranged/produced by Patrick Adams. Fonda Rae ("Over Like a Fat Rat") does lead vocals.


Parade (Under the Cherry Moon) (1986)
Parade is my favorite Prince album, easily, and one of my favorite albums in general. Words cannot express the passionate love I have for this man.


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oh, fuck yes.

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thank you so much

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