I just got back from L.A. and I'm pretty sad today! Frances Gibson has one of my favorite voices and so Francesca Bussey comes close. I listen to this a lot on planes. Most of the tracks are great, I mean it.

The Cannanes

The Cannanes (1995)
Get On Down & Swing, You Little Red Devil


The Lowest of the Low, Weddings Parties Anything

Zach was saying to me the other day he was wary of putting up songs that were too personal, which tended to be his favorites. Well, it was a while after he said that that I realized I have avoided posting songs by two of my favorite groups for just that reason. And that's dumb (which is to say, I understand completely why anyone would do such a thing, but I refuse to let myself). I'm gonna post them. Feedback would be greatly appreciated.

The Lowest of the Low

Shakespeare, My Butt (1991)
Under the Carlaw Bridge
The line "there's people more together than I'll ever be" is one of the most strangely comforting lines in the history of music.

Weddings, Parties, Anything

...They Were Better Live: Live At The Central Club Christmas, 1998 (1999)
Step In, Step Out
Another bittersweet tune. I'm secretly a romantic. Don't tell anyone, please?


Ernie K-Doe, Ann Peebles

A mixed pair today. Pretty much just lettin' the songs stand for themselves:

Ernie K-Doe

A Real Mother-in-Law for Ya (2002)
Pennyworth of Happiness
Burn! K-Doe burn!

Ann Peebles

I Can't Stand the Rain (1974)
I Can't Stand the Rain
A thousand thanks to Sophia for turning me on to Ann Peebles.


Meade Lux Lewis, John Lewis

Tempted to add Jerry Lee Lewis, but I promised myself only two a day. Some fine piano playing:

Meade Lux Lewis

Cat House Piano (1998)
Torpedo Juice
I find both these dudes to be very chill ivory ticklers. Good relaxing music.

John Lewis

The John Lewis Piano (1956)
Maybe even more chill than the last one. Almost sleepy, it's so relaxing, but not boring.


Ernest Tubb, Faron Young

A pair of country favorites:

Ernest Tubb

Walking the Floor Over You (The Hits, Vol. 1) (2003)
It's Been So Long, Darling
Tubb is one of the more influential country singers that graced the airwaves back in the day. This tune is one of those moaning country songs that hits me right between the eyes.

Faron Young

Hello, Walls (2002)
Unmitigated Gall
A cover of a Mel Tillis tune, if I am not mistaken. A quirky tune that hit the top ten for Young back in the late 60s.


Doc Watson, Merle Travis

A few old men:

Merle Travis

Guitar Rags & a Too Fast past (1994)
God Put a Rainbow in the Clouds
This tune is one of those old religious tunes that make you wanna clap your hands & love Jesus. It's from this sweet five CD boxed set that I wouldn't mind getting my hands on. Wesley Tuttle played guitar on this track, if I am not mistaken.

Doc Watson

Third Generation Blues (1999)
St. James Infirmary
I have so many good versions of this tune, actually, the best being James Booker's, but this one is aces as well. Doc & Richard Watson are in on this one. Doc Watson was heavily influenced by Merle Travis.


Alvin Lucier, Tony Conrad

Cold, mildly terrifying pieces:

Tony Conrad

Slapping Pythagoras (1995)
The Heterophony of the Avenging Democrats, Outside, Cheers the Incineration
A very long, droning piece that, I feel, is really quite brutal. It is like listening to all the sinners in Hell. It's one of my favorite bits of music, for that very reason. It's like running a marathon.

Alvin Lucier

Still Lives (2001)
Still Lives: Bread Knife
I was thinking of putting up "I Am Sitting in a Room," but I felt two pieces that were roughly 20 minutes long was too much, so I picked a shorter selection from Lucier. He's more haunting than brutal, far colder a tune than Conrad's stuff, but still the sort of music that makes the skin crawl & dark rooms seem much darker.



A pair of songs by people with funny accents:

Ewan MacColl

Black & White:the Definitive Collection (1990)
"The Maid Gaed Tae the Mill"
That's English he's speaking. The song is about sex. This song is good for singing along with loudly.

John Bertrand

Early American Cajun Music (1999)
"The Swallows"
Bertrand was around in the 1920s, & I don't think his work can be found outside of various Cajun compilations here & there. The song is in French (I think), it's hard to tell. I love the scratchiness of this track (kinda adds a quaint charm to it), but some might not like how it interferes with the music.

So far, so good.


summer is tired

Hey, hey. I've been busy for most of these last two months and when I haven't been, I've been busy wallowing in petulant boredom, smoking unnecessary marijuana and swimming. So here I am.

I'll start out with the Radio Stars' signature track. Don't know much about these guys except that the lead singer's a former member of John's Children, that they were one of the many bands in the quirky power pop late 70's scene, and that I love this song.

The Radio Stars

Nervous Wreck (1977)
Nervous Wreck

Everyone should know this song & I'm probably not opening many doors here, but here's the Records' "Starry Eyes" from the compilation of the same name. The stuff of summer, y'know.

The Records

Starry Eyes: UK Pop II 1978-79
Starry Eyes

The first thing I thought when I heard the G.T.O.'s' only album was, "Wow!" It's some of the same, some of what you'd expect for sure, but a whole lot more exciting and earnest than the gimmick its description implies. G.T.O.'s stands for Girls Together Outrageously, & that's what they are: a group of L.A. groupies led by Pamela Des Barres, the infamous supergroupie. As if that's not enough, it's loaded with skits and produced by Frank Zappa. These are two of my favorite tracks in order of acceptabilitude.

The G.T.O.'s

Permanent Damage
I'm In Love With The Ooh Ooh Man and I Have A Paintbrush In My Hand To Color A Triangle

To top it off, here's an amazing (if a little long) live acoustic version of T. Rex's "Cosmic Dancer" along with a cover by Tori Kudo and a version of MSHB's "Interview" done with Ouch Sinsuke & Seki Masaharu. I hope I'll be posting more this summer but more than that, I hope you like everything you hear here. Thanks & you're welcome!

Marc Bolan

Acoustic Warrior (1999)
Cosmic Dancer
unclear when this was recorded but the collection came out in '99

Tori Kudo
Don't Fear An Adjoining Island: Tori Kudo, Kinutapan & Yumbo (Live 2004)
Cosmic Dancer and Interview


I am gonna try to post two songs a day for the next ten days or so. Yell at me if I fall behind.

Champion Jack Dupree

Live With the Big Town Playboys (1998)
"Bring Me Flowers When I'm Living"
A nice, long, relaxed blues tune, depressing & dark. Dupree is one of those old New Orleans bluesmen that inspired the likes of Professor Longhair & the like.

Sunnyland Slim

Midnight Jump (1969)
"Sunnyland Special"
With Willie Dixon, Walter Horton, Johnny Shines, & Clifton James, Slim knocks out an upbeat little blues number.

Soul in '69

Hey, this is Vivek - Zach's been kind enough to allow me to post here, so I guess I'm the newest member of the VSlam team. I thought I'd start out with some pretty basic, but solid stuff - 4 simple Soul tracks from 1969. I hope you like the stuff, feel free to comment if you don't (or even if you do!).

Howard Tate

Howard Tate's Reaction (1969)
My Soul's Got a Hole in It
You might recognize Howard Tate as a member of the Gainors - the Philly doo-wop group that featured the likes of Soul Sensation Garnet Mimms. His solo career picked up in the late 60's with a few minor hits, but much of his fame has been gathered through covers from artists ranging from Hendrix to Masekela to B.B. King.

David Ruffin

My Whole World Ended (1969)
I've Lost Everything I've Ever Loved
David Ruffin, of course, was the signature voice of the Temptations before his Ego swelled and he decided to split from the group. This unfortunate parting has led many to discredit Ruffin's solo career, which is unfortunate. My Whole World Ended is a fantastic album, and this particular track is one of the best on it.

Otis Redding

Love Man (1969)
Direct Me
If you listen to any Soul music at all, you know Otis, so I won't even bother.

Garland Green

Jealous Kind of Fella (1969)
I Can't Believe You Quit Me
The title track of Green's Jealous Kind of Fella turned him into a one-hit wonder, which is surprising considering how good a lot of his other songs are. This is one of the better ones.


summer is for lovers

I'm in a particularly sappy mood this evening.

Lene Lovich

Stateless (1979)
I Think We're Alone Now

Gal Costa

Gal Costa [Mercury #1] (1969)
granted, I only speak english and therefore understand all of "Baby, baby, I love you" but I've got a good feeling this is a love song. anyone want to enlighten me with a translation?

Sam Cooke

Sam Cooke (1958)
You Send Me

Old 97s

Wreck Your Life (1997)
You Belong To My Heart
I hope this one doesn't get me thrown out, but their old stuff is really really great.

kiss somebody today.