Margaret Lewis, Coon Creek Girls, Betty Foley, Skeeter Davis

Well, it's been a while since this has been updated.

First, I'd like to encourage everyone (!) to download the Harold Ray mp3s that Alternative Tentacles has put up. This band is ridiculously fun. If you ever have the opportunity to see them "live in concert," leap on it.

I have an intense love of old rockabilly/country with female vocals. Although there's much more to learn and so many recordings I'm dying to get my hands on (check out this site for a hint), I've managed to hoard a decent amount. I'll probably have several posts with this theme--but here's one to start things off. These are all sort of slow; the fiery ones to come.

Margaret Lewis

Lonesome Bluebird (1995)
Reconsider Me
Aw, so pretty... Lewis was born in TX and was inspired early-on by the sounds of gospel and R&B (cites Ruth Brown, LaVern Baker, and Sister Rosetta Tharpe). Later, she got involved in the rockabilly scene, going to shows and befriending people like Buddy Holly. Um... I'm trying to summarize these liner notes, but basically she knew and performed with a lot of famous people. Margaret Lewis penned "Reconsider Me" with Mira Smith (who's playing guitar here), and it became a hit for Narvel Felts. I like Margaret's version a lot better.

Full Grown Man
Another song penned by Margaret Lewis. This one was obviously intended to be picked up by a male singer, but gender-bending's fun, so here you are. Again, Mira Smith is on guitar.

Coon Creek Girls

Early Radio Favorites (1982)
Pretty Polly
This is from a collection of the songs Lily May, Rosie, Daisy, and Violet recorded in the '30s. I wish people still had names like that.

Betty Foley

Sugar Doll (2005)
Old Moon
In the '50s, Betty Foley recorded a number of charting songs with her famous father Red. Like Margaret Lewis, she performed at the Shreveport, Louisiana Hayride. Sugar Doll is a fun compilation put out this year by Buffalo Bop. I might up more songs from it another time. Pretty cover art, huh?

Skeeter Davis

The Essential Skeeter Davis (1995)
Silver Threads & Golden Needles
Yeah, so "Silver Threads & Golden Needles" is one of my favorite songs, actually. It was a toss-up between this version and Wanda Jackson's--both are amazing.

God, there are all these songs I'm dying to put up that I only have on vinyl. I will learn how to rip one day, promise.


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Blogger phia said...

That made a lot of sense, thanks.

30/9/05 19:19  
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Blogger billy ray said...

yes! awesome. mp3 blogs are basically my only outlet for good music right now, so these are appreciated a thousandfold. i love this almost as much as the spammers appear to.

30/9/05 20:18  
Blogger Charlie W. said...

The links to Betty Foley's song and one of Margaret Lewis's songs are messed up. The problem was that the part that says vslam.org is doubled up on each of them.

I found them all and downloaded them. They are excellent songs.

1/10/05 12:12  
Blogger phia said...

Thanks for letting me know. Fixed now.

glad you like them!

1/10/05 13:48  
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Blogger dog latin said...

keep up the GOOD WORK, I love these, esp. Skeeter

2/10/05 18:58  
Blogger Charlie W. said...

Oh, yea. I loved all these songs quite a bit. I listened to them each a few times over. Except the Skeeter Davis song, which I already have.

2/10/05 21:48  

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