summer is for lovers

I'm in a particularly sappy mood this evening.

Lene Lovich

Stateless (1979)
I Think We're Alone Now

Gal Costa

Gal Costa [Mercury #1] (1969)
granted, I only speak english and therefore understand all of "Baby, baby, I love you" but I've got a good feeling this is a love song. anyone want to enlighten me with a translation?

Sam Cooke

Sam Cooke (1958)
You Send Me

Old 97s

Wreck Your Life (1997)
You Belong To My Heart
I hope this one doesn't get me thrown out, but their old stuff is really really great.

kiss somebody today.


Blogger billy ray said...

If I ain't been thrown into the streets & forced to run from hungry wolves, you're probably gonna safe as houses.

"You Send Me" is one of those songs I'll love for as long as I live.

2/7/05 13:40  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't have an account. Found you browsing some music blogs. You can find an English language version of Baby that I'm pretty sure Rita Lee transcribed on Mutantes' Jardim Electrico LP and also on Bebel Gilberto's (I know) last album (it's surprisingly decent). If you'd like a full on translation I could do that, but Lee does a pretty great job preserving the intent of Veloso's original in her version. You have some fantastic stuff, by the by.


9/7/05 17:46  

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