Encarnita Polo

Anyone familiar with the site knows that Cha Cha Charming is full of gems. One of them, definitely, is the marvelous article on Spanish pop that alerted me to the existence of Encarnita Polo. She's wonderful. Recorded in the '60s and '70s, and apparently kicked off the flamenco-pop movement with her modernized cover of "Pepe Bandera" (streamable through RealPlayer here). What I have for you here, though, is "Paco Paco Paco," a single recorded in 1970. It's glittering with handclaps and melodic glee, has a giddy sing-song chorus and an awesome flamenco-inspired bridge. What, honestly, is not to love here?

Encarnita Polo

Todas Sus Grabaciones (1963-1975)
Paco Paco Paco

I apologize for (a) the 96 kbps bitrate, and (b) the fact that I needed to upload this through yousendit.com.


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