Bernice McClellan, Gertrude Morgan, Annette Hanshaw

I had this post written the other day and it was much better but I misplaced it. It makes a better 2a.m. sunday morning post anyways.

This first track is from the long out-of-print LP, Negro Church Music, recorded and edited by Alan Lomax. Sister McClellan lays down a real healthy sounding vocal backed by dozens in the congregation with a fantastic band (especially the piano player).

Bernice McClellan & Congregation

Negro Church Music (1959)
What Do You Think About Jesus?

This track by Gertrude Morgan is pure praise'n'worship; something like sermon, something like song, all power. By the time Let's Make A Record was released in 1970 (a decade after the recording was made) Sister Morgan had become well known around New Orleans as "...the eccentric figure best known for roaming the streets of the French Quarter in the 1950s and 60s and shouting invented spirituals through a megaphone..." After 1970 the record fell out of release and it wasn't until last summer that it was finally re-released (Preservation Hall Recordings).
Sister Gertrude Morgan

Let's Make A Record (1960)

This last track is so very very out of place in this post, but I could not resist the temptation to post another Annette Hanshaw track.
Annette Hanshaw

Collected Recordings (1927)
My Idea of Heaven


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