Centro-matic, Will Johnson, South San Gabriel, Varnaline, Slobberbone, Okkervil River, Peter Schmidt

will is the brains (& brawn) behind the legendary Centro-matic, the slightly less legendary (but no less great) South San Gabriel; an open band usually consisting of at least will & scott danbom (the heavenly fiddle/cello/keyboard player) with notables like anders parker (Varnaline), brent best (Slobberbone), howard draper (Okkervil River), and so forth sitting in, and a few solo albums. oh and he was the drummer for the pretty well unknown funland band, prior to all this, with local good guy peter schmidt (genius behind the Legendary Crystal Chandelier) and clark something or other from the Toadies.
following in a long tradition of super-prolific texas songwriters, will has released 15 albums since 1997's release of redo the stacks, plus half a dozen 7 inches and tapes and a few singles turning up here and there on compilations. even more amazing than his seemingly non stop songwriting is the fact that every song is great. some are so great that you swear you've heard it before. it was maybe the most difficult thing i did all day to narrow it down to these three tracks. (guess i wasn't really in a rock out sort of mood, these are all pretty down-tempo.)


The Static vs. The Strings Vol. 1 (1999)
Say Something / 95 Frowns
one of my favorites from an album i always forget about (its actually a collection of home recordings and leftover songs, not an album)

Will Johnson

Murder of Tides (2002)
Re-Run Pills
listen closely and you can hear the cicadas in the background (god i love that)

South San Gabriel

The Carlton Chronicles: Not Until the Operation's Through (2005)
I Feel Too Young to Die
i just got this album, and this song struck me from the first listen

other tracks from:


Songs in a Nothern Key (2001)
Still Dream


Everything You Thought Was Right Was Wrong Today (2000)
Trust Jesus

Okkervil River

Black Sheep Boy (2005)
Black Sheep Boy

Various Artists
[sorry no artwork available]
Observer: Scene, Heard Volume 3
Peter Schmidt - All The Umbrellas In London


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been lurking about here for quite a while, but I just wanted to thank you especially for posting All The Umbrellas In London. I'm a huge Stephin Merritt fan, and I nearly died when I saw that mp3 on the bottom of the page. All The Umbrellas In London is one of my favorite tracks off "Get Lost," so...

Thanks for posting it.

23/3/05 17:50  

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