DJ Kool Herc

Yesterday I was going somewhere in the auto and my already shaky cassette to iPod connection decided it would be a great time to stop working. Being more than just morally opposed to FM radio I went scanning the AM dial for at least some preaching or far-right rant; this attempt was fruitless. Finally, settling on NPR and was more than just pleasantly surprised to find that irritating woman who does that irritating show interviewing DJ Kool Herc. The moral of the story is never ever ever listen to FM radio. For those who don't know, Kool Herc is widely considered the father of (at least) the hip-hop dj and by some slightly overzealous critics the "Father of Hip-Hop." Many of you maybe wondering how did someone so influential go so unknown for so long? 1. DJ Kool Herc has never, and according to Herc himself, will never make a studio album and 2. the few bootlegs from him DJing parties are few are far between. So for your ass shaking delight:

DJ Kool Herc
Live (197?)
Let Me Clear My Throat
As far as I can tell, this is not Kool Herc with the famed Hercilodians, but I am pretty certain that is Coke La Roc of the Hercilodians on the lyric.


Blogger 893 said...

AHHH! Thank you! This track takes me back... High school dance staple! And that sax riff was the background music on Ed Lover & (the other) Dr. Dre era Yo! MTV Jams... And to think I never knew that this was Kool Herc....

Also: any blog title that references the greatest band of all time is going straight into my bookmarks. HELL YEAH!

Have you ever heard Sara goes Pop AKA Amos & Sara? L. Voag's post-Homo's group? I've been meaning to post some of that up one of these days, and y'all could give me a good excuse....


6/4/05 13:25  
Blogger dog latin said...

Yeah, I've got this - not sure if there's anything else under that name, but there are definitely a couple great tracks on there. & thanks, by the way - I (& I'm sure We) will be following yours, too.

6/4/05 14:02  
Blogger 893 said...

Ah ha! You've officially given me a good pretense to post stuff from this'n, which is of similar caliber.

6/4/05 14:09  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am going to make party to this song

8/4/05 12:19  
Anonymous tugboatcomplex said...

Hate to blow your spot and shit but that's not DJ Kool Herc. It's DJ Kool. That track came out in like '95. It had Biz Markie & Doug E. Fresh on it.

Jest thought you'd like to know.

24/4/05 20:40  

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