The ineffable Sophia told me to post & even gave me a theme (weekends, because kinky sex would take too long). Nothing special, just a few fun tunes to get you through:


Retards Hiss Past My Window (1993)
Freaky Friday Tits
It is supposed to sound that bad. They have funnier tunes, I suppose, like "Tittyfuck a Coal Miner," but this one fits the theme.

Merle Travis

Walkin' the Strings (1960)
Saturday Night Shuffle
I've made out to this. [hahahha! -ed.]

Honey Cone

Sweet Replies (1971)
Sunday Morning People
A dear friend sold me on this lovely music, & it caps off the little theme here just fine.
[honey cone! -ed.]

A real post will be forth coming. Might even be about kinky sex. [what -ed.]

Now, the rest of you should post. [no -ed.]


Blogger dog latin said...

"steve albini fucked pacman" is the best one i think

16/3/06 07:44  
Anonymous Todd said...

Dude, Sockeye is way underrated. The whole album is gold.

16/3/06 14:41  
Blogger Kay R K said...

if you give me a theme i will post on it, friends, anyone

17/3/06 18:25  

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