Back Like Cooked Crack


Block Movement (2005)
Guess Who's Back (feat. E-40)
One of the Bay Area's finest. This was one of the catchiest tracks of 2005.

Kyu Sakamoto

Sukiyaki and Other Japanese Hits (1963)
Ashita Ga Aru Sa
Sakamoto became famous worldwide with his hit "Sukiyaki," which became the most popular song in Japanese history. His music was some of the first Japanese music to get major Billboard attention in the U.S., and "Sukiyaki" actually topped the charts for a short time.

The Brown Dots

For Sentimental Reasons: The Brown Dots Collection (2000)
The Brown Dots was formed by former Ink Spots member Deek Watson. He originally simply called the group the Ink Spots, but was forced to change the name to the Brown Dots. Stylistically, however, the Dots were almost identical to the Spots. The group became famous for with "Sentimental Reasons," which would be covered a countless number of times in later decades.


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haha that Sukiyaka is real cute. definitely good to see anything Ink Spots getting the nod. glad youre back.

26/1/06 09:10  
Blogger phia said...

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