Mick Farren

Hi! Yeah, still around. I'm working on something good -- details when there's reason for em.

Mick Farren

Vampires Stole My Lunch Money (1978)
Half-Priced Drinks
from the man who brought you the Deviants


Anonymous Anonymous said...

this song is sw33t. i think i will play it on my radio show and i'll dedicate it to you.

-chelsea (lj user=conanaholic)

3/10/05 01:31  
Blogger phia said...

dude, how come my posts are the only ones that get flooded with spam?

This is a cool one, as I said. Thank you!

3/10/05 01:51  
Blogger billy ray said...

i wondered the same thing, sophia. do you post in some unusual way that would attract them? or is it a time-based thing?

4/10/05 16:13  

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