Furry Lewis

I ain't good lookin but I take my time

Furry Lewis was amazing. Beyond being hands down my favorite slide player, there's something powerfully human about him that, for me, nobody else's got. Not to overstate the dude's talent -- there've been loads of better players, but I haven't heard any who touch his style. All his songs are appropriate for me at one time or another, & here's one of the more polished versions of a favorite.

Furry Lewis

In His Prime (Comp) (1927-28)
I Will Turn Your Money Green
"woman I hate, I see her every day; but the woman I love, she's so far away."


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Anonymous ol dirty mza said...

oh well this is nice ah'm listenin' 2 it now dogs.--mza.

24/10/05 19:06  
Blogger phia said...

I meant to say this a while ago, but thanks for the sudden onslaught of posts. I've been absolutely loving these.

8/11/05 02:04  

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