Cotten, Ritchie, Moore, Horton, Miller, Shocking Blue, Buttholes

It's 8:30 am. My houseguest is sleeping still, so I have to do this without sound, so it's very strange. I have an urge to share some tunes, though, so I'm going to risk the sound of typing.

Elizabeth Cotten

Shake Sugaree (2004)
Little Brown Jug
Elizabeth Cotten is a beautiful lady who really needs no introduction. I really like this tune. Can't really think of more to say about it. The lady was a southpaw, as many of you might know, & played her instruments upside down or backwards.

Jean Ritchie

Ballads From Her Appalachian Family Tradition (1961)
I should really save this one for the post I intended to make of songs about hanging, but whatever. I always get chills listening to this one. Right around my neck, too.

Christy Moore

Box Set 1964-2004 (2004)
Hey, Ronnie Reagan
This tune is a little dated, but the chorus is so much fun to sing along to. My disrespectful nature makes me want to say that it should have been played at Reagan's funeral.

Johnny Horton

Johnny Horton's Greatest Hits (1961)
Honky Tonk Man
An old classic, but I've been playing it pretty nonstop lately. This is the kinda country music you can dance to & not feel like a damned fool.

Roger Miller

Dang Me! (1992)
England Swings
The more I listen to this, the more I think that it could be a commercial for England's tourism industry, but the damned tune is so catchy, I keep listening anyway. This is also one of my mom's favorites, which explains more than it doesn't.

Shocking Blue

Singles A's & B's (1998)
Never Marry a Railroad Man
Honestly, I feel this is just the sort of advice we should give to the kids these days.

The Butthole Surfers

The Hole Truth... And Nothing Butt (1995)
WNYU Interview
Not a song but an interview. My friend Scott quotes from this all the time. It's kinda surreal & absolutely hilarious.

Feedback would be much appreciated. Also, I'm hereby once again begging for company on this lonely little site.


Blogger cadet said...

awesome as always man, life up here in the mountains is finally settling down, so im gonna do my best to keep you better company around here.

26/8/05 21:41  
Blogger billy ray said...

excellent. not just company, but good company!

27/8/05 01:12  
Blogger Charlie W. said...

Billy, I completely agree about the song "England Swings." That song is absolutely great.

28/8/05 16:36  

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