summer is tired

Hey, hey. I've been busy for most of these last two months and when I haven't been, I've been busy wallowing in petulant boredom, smoking unnecessary marijuana and swimming. So here I am.

I'll start out with the Radio Stars' signature track. Don't know much about these guys except that the lead singer's a former member of John's Children, that they were one of the many bands in the quirky power pop late 70's scene, and that I love this song.

The Radio Stars

Nervous Wreck (1977)
Nervous Wreck

Everyone should know this song & I'm probably not opening many doors here, but here's the Records' "Starry Eyes" from the compilation of the same name. The stuff of summer, y'know.

The Records

Starry Eyes: UK Pop II 1978-79
Starry Eyes

The first thing I thought when I heard the G.T.O.'s' only album was, "Wow!" It's some of the same, some of what you'd expect for sure, but a whole lot more exciting and earnest than the gimmick its description implies. G.T.O.'s stands for Girls Together Outrageously, & that's what they are: a group of L.A. groupies led by Pamela Des Barres, the infamous supergroupie. As if that's not enough, it's loaded with skits and produced by Frank Zappa. These are two of my favorite tracks in order of acceptabilitude.

The G.T.O.'s

Permanent Damage
I'm In Love With The Ooh Ooh Man and I Have A Paintbrush In My Hand To Color A Triangle

To top it off, here's an amazing (if a little long) live acoustic version of T. Rex's "Cosmic Dancer" along with a cover by Tori Kudo and a version of MSHB's "Interview" done with Ouch Sinsuke & Seki Masaharu. I hope I'll be posting more this summer but more than that, I hope you like everything you hear here. Thanks & you're welcome!

Marc Bolan

Acoustic Warrior (1999)
Cosmic Dancer
unclear when this was recorded but the collection came out in '99

Tori Kudo
Don't Fear An Adjoining Island: Tori Kudo, Kinutapan & Yumbo (Live 2004)
Cosmic Dancer and Interview


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is some T. Rex song you have there. I'll have me a look for the cd. Wouldn't it great if Shania Twain sang Cosmic Dancer?

12/7/05 22:27  
Blogger dog latin said...

who are you, mystery?
yeah, the whole cd isn't great but it's real nice to lie out in the sun to, at least initially. and there are some nice surprises like Seagull Woman being amazing.


12/7/05 23:28  

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