Soul in '69

Hey, this is Vivek - Zach's been kind enough to allow me to post here, so I guess I'm the newest member of the VSlam team. I thought I'd start out with some pretty basic, but solid stuff - 4 simple Soul tracks from 1969. I hope you like the stuff, feel free to comment if you don't (or even if you do!).

Howard Tate

Howard Tate's Reaction (1969)
My Soul's Got a Hole in It
You might recognize Howard Tate as a member of the Gainors - the Philly doo-wop group that featured the likes of Soul Sensation Garnet Mimms. His solo career picked up in the late 60's with a few minor hits, but much of his fame has been gathered through covers from artists ranging from Hendrix to Masekela to B.B. King.

David Ruffin

My Whole World Ended (1969)
I've Lost Everything I've Ever Loved
David Ruffin, of course, was the signature voice of the Temptations before his Ego swelled and he decided to split from the group. This unfortunate parting has led many to discredit Ruffin's solo career, which is unfortunate. My Whole World Ended is a fantastic album, and this particular track is one of the best on it.

Otis Redding

Love Man (1969)
Direct Me
If you listen to any Soul music at all, you know Otis, so I won't even bother.

Garland Green

Jealous Kind of Fella (1969)
I Can't Believe You Quit Me
The title track of Green's Jealous Kind of Fella turned him into a one-hit wonder, which is surprising considering how good a lot of his other songs are. This is one of the better ones.


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