The Lowest of the Low, Weddings Parties Anything

Zach was saying to me the other day he was wary of putting up songs that were too personal, which tended to be his favorites. Well, it was a while after he said that that I realized I have avoided posting songs by two of my favorite groups for just that reason. And that's dumb (which is to say, I understand completely why anyone would do such a thing, but I refuse to let myself). I'm gonna post them. Feedback would be greatly appreciated.

The Lowest of the Low

Shakespeare, My Butt (1991)
Under the Carlaw Bridge
The line "there's people more together than I'll ever be" is one of the most strangely comforting lines in the history of music.

Weddings, Parties, Anything

...They Were Better Live: Live At The Central Club Christmas, 1998 (1999)
Step In, Step Out
Another bittersweet tune. I'm secretly a romantic. Don't tell anyone, please?


Blogger dog latin said...

don't worry, I'm not sensitive about it! I just hate the way a lot of people treat music but it's awfully hypocritical to hoard it / not publicize it myself so I've pretty much given that up.

20/7/05 20:24  
Blogger Fire of lovE said...

I like them both. Wont tell anyone, I keep them as mine.

21/7/05 01:05  
Blogger billy ray said...

zach, which have you given up? i don't think i followed that.

21/7/05 13:32  

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