Alvin Lucier, Tony Conrad

Cold, mildly terrifying pieces:

Tony Conrad

Slapping Pythagoras (1995)
The Heterophony of the Avenging Democrats, Outside, Cheers the Incineration
A very long, droning piece that, I feel, is really quite brutal. It is like listening to all the sinners in Hell. It's one of my favorite bits of music, for that very reason. It's like running a marathon.

Alvin Lucier

Still Lives (2001)
Still Lives: Bread Knife
I was thinking of putting up "I Am Sitting in a Room," but I felt two pieces that were roughly 20 minutes long was too much, so I picked a shorter selection from Lucier. He's more haunting than brutal, far colder a tune than Conrad's stuff, but still the sort of music that makes the skin crawl & dark rooms seem much darker.


Blogger shortwavemusic said...

Thank you. Alvin Lucier is marvellous. Do you enjoy Alan Lamb?

18/7/05 03:15  
Blogger billy ray said...

never heard alan lamb. will have to look him up. what kinda thing will i be getting myself into?

21/7/05 13:33  
Anonymous joe said...

tony conrad is incredible. thanks for putting this piece up.

4/8/05 09:51  
Blogger billy ray said...

my pleasure.

26/8/05 09:29  

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