It is now summer pretty much anywhere you head in the more reasonable latitudes of the northern hemisphere. Some time last year, my good friend Scott idly asked about a song he had long enjoyed but never tracked down, & I, in a moment of pure coincidence, happened to know exactly the song, which I had on my computer. That song was the only hit song Mungo Jerry ever had, a crazy little tune called "In the Summertime."

Now, I've never heard anything else by Mungo Jerry, but I damned well should. This song is about the perfect summer time music. It's hilarious (& sexist, but we'll let that slide), light, even a little danceable, if you don't mind lookin' foolish (who does these days?), but mostly, this is a song for singing along.


In the Summertime (1970)
"In the Summertime"
"We love everybody but we do as we please!"

A while back, I promised if I ever got a copy of the original "You Are My Sunshine," I would post it. Well, here it is! Coincidentally, also perfect summer listening.


In the Summertime (1970)
"You Are My Sunshine"
One of these days, I'll find his resignation speech, too


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The "You Are My Sunshine" link doesn't work...

16/6/05 15:42  
Blogger billy ray said...

fixed it. thank you, anonymous friend.

16/6/05 18:01  
Blogger cadet said...

"if her daddy's rich take her out for a meal, if her daddy's poor just do what you feel!"

18/6/05 14:25  
Blogger billy ray said...

best line in the song, that. i decided not to mention it, as it's so nice to let people hear it on their own.

18/6/05 17:17  

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