Long time no post. Sorry about that. Apologies if I fail completely to get this formatted right, etc. etc. I'm a bit clueless in these murky Internet waters.

I have been listening to a substantial amount of piano players recently, & I have completely fallen in love with James Booker. So I feel the need to post a tune by my newest obsession.

The tune is off King of the New Orleans Keyboard, featuring a photo on the cover that makes me smile broadly each time I see it. The tune itself, "Harlem in Hamburg" (incorrectly labelled when I found it as "Holland & Hamburg," due to Mr. Booker's marvelously slurred speech) makes my whole body quiver with joy. I can't express my love for this tune properly, so I will just let the tune do the talking.

James Booker

King of the New Orleans Keyboard (1976)
"Harlem in Hamburg"


Blogger Michael said...

Jimmy Booker took my virginity.

17/4/05 00:48  
Blogger billy ray said...

i am jealous, but i am not sure if it is of booker or yourself.

17/4/05 12:00  
Blogger cadet said...

mmmm, delicious. i've come so close at least twice to posting some james booker

i am whipping that joint out now for a fresh listen

18/4/05 21:34  
Blogger billy ray said...

glad ya liked it, mr. cadet sir.

19/4/05 01:22  
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