Billy Ocean

Everything I've read about Billy Ocean has mentioned that he was one of the first Caribbean singers to get major media attention in the US (especially MTV), which is great, but who cares? The dude's amazing. His first hit came in the mid-70's ("Love Really Hurts Without You") & the 80's brought a lot of great followups, most notably the title track from Nights (Feel Like Getting Down). If his name still doesn't ring a bell then you might remember "Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car" and his biggest hit, "Caribbean Queen." Anyway, this is one of my favorites of his, & I think you'll agree that it's pretty fabulous, joyous, danceable stuff.

Billy Ocean
City Limit (1980)
Stay The Night


Blogger billy ray said...

due to the abundance of similar goings on on the date this was posted, i fully expect this to be an mp3 of babies drowning or something.

2/4/05 11:56  

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