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I recently got a compilation of 70's funked-out soul called I'm A Good Woman Vol 3. Problem is, it's so great that it was hard to narrow it down to two songs to share here; when you've got Betty Davis, Anna King, Marva Whitney and the Pips to compete with, you have to be especially awesome. But after careful deliberation I think my two favorites are Marie Queenie Lyons' "Your Key Don't Fit It Anymore" and Margie Alexander's "It Can't Last Forever. So uh, here they are, two funky-soul gems circa 1970. If you like the Marie Queenie Lyons track, she put out a wonderful album called Soul Fever you should look into.

Marie Queenie Lyons - Your Key Don't Fit It Anymore & Margie Alexander - It Can't Last Forever

Kevin Coyne is one of those rare people for me where, during my first time hearing them, I admit defeat and realize they're going to be dominating my ears for a while. Since then, I've bought more albums of his & regretted fewer of them than any other band. Kevin Coyne died in early December of '04, leaving behind more than thirty solo albums and several books and paintings, along with his work with the Dandelion band Siren, countless musicians in Germany (ex: Dagmar Krause) and later, sometimes more unlikely collaborations (ex: Jeffrey Lewis). He and his music both mean a lot to me. This track is hardly his best but it's one of my favorites from the last five years; Sugar Candy Taxi was released in 1999 and Coyne referred to it as his "most honest record in years." You'll notice that this track is totally acoustic so if it feels bare to you, don't lose hope. Even if you don't like it, I'd recommend buying his amazing '73 release, Marjory Razorblade or his Peel Sessions.

Kevin Coyne - I'm Into Your Game

Speaking of Dagmar Krause, this next track comes from her early 70's German band Slapp Happy. They were unique in their expertise of blending psychedelic and "avant-garde" leanings with melodic pop and offering a lot of variety on their albums. This song comes from their album Acnalbasac Noom (not Casablanca Moon), originally recorded in '73, which might as well be thought of as a collection thanks to all of the extra tracks. It was also backed by Faust again and produced by Uwe Nettlebeck. It's definitely heavily influenced by their poppier side, which probably had to do with Polydor telling them to sell better - but they wouldn't even release this album until 7 years later. They really are fantastic and I'd recommend any of their albums, including more collaborations with Faust and Henry Cow.

Slapp Happy - Charlie N Charlie

UPDATE: here's another Slapp Happy song from the same album that deserves just as much to be here: Slapp Happy - The Drum

One more: I got this one off of a compilation called, plainly, Joe Gibbs Productions. Joe Gibbs is a prolific reggae producer, churning out hit after hit from early rocksteady to later dancehall. He worked with countless people and bands, for example The Heptones, Nicky Thomas, Dennis Brown, Culture, and his own band The Professionals. He's often credited with the production of the "first" rocksteady song, "Hold Them" by Roy Shirley. Anyway, this track's from '77, Trinity's biggest hit with him dj-ing over a dub copped from Dennis Brown's "Money In My Pocket."

Trinity - Three Piece Suit

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The version of "Outside My Door" by Can I had planned on sharing will have to wait, I guess.
You might notice I stopped bolding artist names because it's decidedly lame. I'm still doing that "SONG 1" thing, though - what's the deal with that?
That's all for today; hope you like it all.


Blogger homosaur said...

zach, i need a copy of that coyne peel sessions. i have yet to see it anywhere. you'd think the word would be out by now.

8/3/05 23:04  
Blogger phia said...

Damn, that's a great post.

8/3/05 23:50  
Blogger dog latin said...

okay, but you might have to wait a while - I don't think I brought the CD home with me and I don't have it ripped. I do have some other great Coyne on my computer that it's doubtful you'll find anywhere else, so if you have AIM or something then maybe we can trade that way.

thanks a lot!

9/3/05 07:38  
Anonymous Joe said...

Man, those Slap Happy track are fantastic, I love it. Thanks!

9/3/05 08:56  

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