Homosexuals, X-Clan

So, to start things out on a relatively known & solid note, here's the "title track" of this thing, if you will, or just an amazing song, if you won't.

Homosexuals - Vociferous Slam

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Sorry in advance for any clumsy inelegance in here, and doubly sorry for the apologetic tone that comes with it. Bear in mind that my seventeen-year-old speculation is hardly the most informed around, so if there are any factual problems then please comment. In any case, this is about the music, right? Right!, right!


By the way: vaaaainglorious! This is protected, by the red, the black, and the green, at the crossroads, with the key, siss-yyy!

X-Clan - A.D.A.M.

X-Clan are the messengers of a black underclass organization called Blackwatch. Apparently their materialization was a result of the Yusef Hawkins murder in 1989. This track's from their 1992 sophomore album Xodus. There were slight lineup changes for this album & their sound is a little more evolved and the samples work much better (no flagrant Paid In Full copping in this one). It's also just as intensely afrocentric without seeming like a caricature. The backing comes from Grover Washington Jr's "Mister Magic," and although it clashes sometimes with Brother J's lyrical style, the end result is still fucking great. Don't believe me, wait until the last verse. If it seems a little excessive, well, that's because it is, but it's still good old honest, talented Brother J and Professor X going at it over well-produced beats.


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sissy bomb is coming.

but that's another story.

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