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I don't think my Japanese roommate notices the blatantly racist undertones of this song, and that's probably a good thing, because I play this shit all the time. The Boys rock, hard; I'd count them among my favorite punk bands. They were essentially England's answer to the Undertones, who I like but who don't really have the same energy. This particular track's from the Punk Rock Rarities compilation of their unreleased / deleted songs. I'm not exactly sure when "Jap Junk" was recorded, but probably somewhere between '77 and '82.

Boys - Jap Junk

The next one: early 90's hiphop from the SF bay area, idiosyncratic and well produced. Dj Mad and Paris both have a thing for a steadily building, hectic rhythm and complement each other very well. The lyrics aren't really afrocentric as much as black panther-ish. Comparisons to Ice Cube, etc. I was originally going to post something from his 1992 The Devil Made Me Do It, but I got sidetracked. The liner notes for that album include short biographies of Huey Newton, Robert Seal, Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, among others. Instead, here's the track that introduced me to Paris, the title track from 1994's Sleeping With The Enemy.

Paris - Sleeping With The Enemy

I really love the Polyphonic Size, the Belgian synthpop band. Their 1982 debut Live For Each Moment is wonderful but I'm not a huge fan of some of their subsequent releases, although they all have a few good tracks. This is from their 1988 The Overnight Day but I culled it from a decent best of collection called The Prime Story.

Polyphonic Size - Tell Me

This is one of the sweeter tracks by the punky garage band Los Saicos, taken from Wild Teen-Punk From Peru 1965, which I think is a collection of their 5 singles & 5 b tracks. I don't know much about these guys other than some Swell Maps / possible Los Shains connections, but this sure is a fun album.

Los Saicos - (Track 4)

SONGS 5 & 6
Alastair Galbraith is a prominent New Zealand experimental rock dude, coming around in the mid-80's to play with Plagal Grind and The Rip, the former being essentially a vehicle for his songwriting. The first track is from Plagal Grind's only release, a brilliant, grungey, dirty (but still oddly catchy) EP on Xpressway in 1989. The second's from one Alastair's solo efforts, the 1993 Morse LP on Siltbreeze.

Plagal Grind - Receivership

Alastair Galbraith - RDS

Finishing up with Candy's fucking excellent song Electric Nights that I was reminded of recently. Know next to nothing about these guys, either, except that they were from LA, played awesome power pop, and Gilby Clarke was in the band. Their Whatever Happened To Fun 1985 album is intensely great; I think there's a compilation out now, too.

Candy - Electric Nights

I'm heading out of town tomorrow until the next Friday so there probably won't be as many updates, but I'm sure these guys will satiate you. I'll be back then, & get excited cause I'll be posting from Laquan's Notes Of A Native Son.

And: Momus just wrote an interesting and creepily prophetic Livejournal entry about Michael Jackson; read it if you love the man half as much as I do.


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