Bobby Bare

Ain't been a song up in a while. Zach's been gone, & we've been slacking. For shame.

Artist: Bobby Bare
Song: "The Son of Hickory Holler's Tramp"
Writer: Dallas Frazier

If Willie Nelson & Tom T. Hall wrote every country song ever, Bobby Bare sang them all.

Bare had a rough go of it as a kid. When his ma died, he ended up having to fend for himself a lot, & by the time he was fifteen, he was out on his own. Shortly thereafter, he had built his first guitar & began playing music. After a stint in the army, he ended up roommates with Willie Nelson & tried his hand at singing professionally. He became a hit in the country world, mixing in a bit of pop & folk into his act (in some ways like the Statler Brothers did, but without all the pretty harmonies).

This particular song is off his 1969 album Lincoln Park Inn, a fine piece of work of country music, to be sure. It was written by Dallas Frazier, another one of those country singers who wrote a mountain of amazing country songs that other people had hits with. However, Frazier eventually left the song-writing & country-singing business for to be a minister.

This particular song is one of those country songs about a hooker with a golden heart, one of my particular favorite themes. Always a little bit sappy right along side being a little bit biting--a dash of heartwarmin' along with their controversy. It's right up my alley. Hope ya like it!

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Blogger cadet said...

i thought roy acuff & fred rose wrote every country song.

22/3/05 21:58  
Blogger billy ray said...

i fully intend to make statements such as "so and so wrote every country song ever" at least a half dozen times before all's said & done.

24/3/05 12:31  

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